A lot has been said about the drug rehab method known as rapid detox. It has been known as the Weismann Method and the Accelerated Neuroregulation technique. The man who founded the rapid detox method was Dr. Andre Weismann. A medical Doctor working in Israel, he says that hat people suffering from addiction withdrawal had very little medical procedures to treat them. This was most evident in prescription based drugs like Codeine, Percocet, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Hydromorphone, etc. The point of a rapid detox is to get the patient off the “sauce” as quickly as possible. This speeds up healing with the person, their family and life.
Opiate drugs work in a very specific way with the neurosystem to relieve pain. This is where Dr. Weismann made the majority of his breakthroughs. Before Dr. Weismann no one had treated patients suffering from opiate withdrawal with any kind of philosophy. The philosophy was simply that because withdrawal symptoms are so intense wouldn’t a greater number of people gladly quit using if they didn’t have to go through the initial chemical shock.

This question is still surrounded in some controversy without a doubt and as always you should consult with a medical professional before attempting to make any health decisions.

The Weismann method (or the accelerated neuro-regulation method, as it’s recently been termed), works by having a group of nurses and doctors administer the withdrawal patient with anesthetic, Along with this anesthetic the patient is also administered a dose of doctor prescribed detox drugs. What this does is induce withdrawal symptoms in one day while the patient “sleeps” through the unpleasant symptoms. The process can take hours to a couple of days depending on what drug is being recovered from. The patient is then scooted to a 24-48 hour follow at a rapid detox observation area to make sure that the body is properly handling the treatment.

During the procedure itself the receptors sites that are used to being activated by opiate substances get flushed by the drug detox agents. Think of it as washing the body clean of traces of opiate use. The withdrawal symptoms still occur as your biology whine for the familiar chemical bonding but you are unconscious for the worst of it. Big surprise is that teens are getting addicted to opiates at an alarming rate. To prevent abuse issues, its always best to talk to your kids before they start doing drugs and it’s too late.

It’s important to note that rapid drug detox does not cure anyone from addiction. In fact, there is no reason why an individual wouldn’t walk straight out of a rapid detox unit and go continue using. The best way to get help with addiction is to go through a sober living program and 12 steps. Rapid detox helps to get the ball rolling though. As always you should be aware of the dangers going through detox alone. Seek medical treatment to detox and rehab successfully.